Wyoming Research Scholars Program

The Wyoming Research Scholars Program is a university-wide UW Science Initiative program that pairs undergraduate students with faculty mentors to participate in cutting-edge research starting as early as their freshman year. The program is open to incoming freshman students, incoming transfer students, and current UW undergraduate students majoring in STEM fields. Please visit the WRSP website for more information on the program and its requirements: Wyoming Research Scholars Program

Awards include funds for:

  • student salary (paid at $15.00/hour) while working on research projects
  • research support (ex. lab supplies, data processing, research travel expenses, etc.)
  • travel to present findings at meetings/conferences

Grant amounts vary based on student proposals. Maximum award amounts can be found on the WRSP website at: Award and Program Details

The WRSP accepts applications for students without set projects (generally incoming freshman, sophomores, and incoming transfer students) as well as students with established projects and mentors (generally incoming juniors and seniors). This opportunity is only available to undergraduate students seeking a first bachelor’s degree.

Science Initiative
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your anticipated graduation year?
  2. Are you a first generation college student?
  3. Are you eligible to receive Federal Pell Grants?
  4. What is your hometown? (City and State for inside the U.S., City and Country for outside the U.S.)
  5. Are you enrolled in the UW Honors Program?
  6. What is the highest degree you eventually hope to earn?
  7. Once you finish your current degree program, what do you see as the IMMEDIATE next step in your career path?
  8. After completing studies, I plan to work in (check all that apply):
  9. If you indicated 'Other' on the previous question, please explain:
  10. How did you hear about WRSP?
  11. If you indicated 'Other' on the previous question, please explain:
  12. Area of research interest:
  13. Please indicate the periods in the next year that you are seeking funding for:
  14. Provide a statement describing the impact receiving this fellowship will have on your educational and career goals:
  15. Please list any significant honors, extracurricular activities, and/or work experience:
  16. Please attach a copy of your unofficial transcripts:
  17. Please provide contact information for a letter of reference who can speak to your qualifications for this program. (Ensure that you communicate with your reference so that they know to expect an email requesting a reference letter.)
  18. Do you have a faculty mentor you are working with or interested in working with?
  19. If you answered 'Yes' on the previous question please provide the mentor's name and department:
  20. Do you have a project you will be submitting a proposal for?
  21. If you do not have a project you will be submitting a proposal for, please submit a 1-page essay describing your educational, career, and research goals. Your research goals should include areas you are interested in doing undergraduate research and a brief description of the approximate funding support you expect to need in the next year.
  22. If you have a research proposal, please upload it (using the template from the WRSP website) that includes:
    1. Abstract (300 words or less) with title
    2. Project Narrative (2 pages or less and written for a general audience) containing:
      • a clearly stated hypothesis or questions being addressed by the project
      • a description of the research project (maximum of 3 paragraphs)
      • a project timeline including the anticipated start date, major milestone dates, and anticipated completion date
      • your role in the project as a student
    3. Proposed Budget
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