UW at Casper Non Traditional/First Generation Scholarships

The University of Wyoming at Casper Non-Traditional and First Generation Scholarship is available to undergraduate UW-Casper students based upon:

  1. pursuit of a University of Wyoming degree approved for delivery through UWC and junior/senior status;
  2. minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75;
  3. enrollment in at least six credit hours per semester for part-time (at least three credit hours per semester must be UWC credits), and at least 12 credit hours for full-time (at least six credit hours per semester must be UW-Casper credits);
  4. eligibility to receive student financial aid through the University of Wyoming; and
  5. demonstrate that he/she meets criteria of non-traditional and/or first-generation student status.

Recipients will be selected based on quality of application packet, academic promise and financial need.

UW Casper
Supplemental Questions
  1. How do you consider yourself a non-traditional student? (answer all questions)
    • 1. Are you 25+ years old?
    • 2. Are you a child of deceased parents?
    • 3. Are you a ward/dependent of the court?
    • 4. Are you a US Armed Forces Veteran?
    • 5. Are you married?
    • 6. Are you responsible for dependents?
    • 7. Are you working on a Masters or Doctoral degree?
  2. Please submit a letter stating how you meet the scholarship criteria and characteristics of recipients, either non-traditional or first generation student (not to exceed two pages double-spaced)
  3. Please provide contact information for a college or university faculty member who can submit a letter of support on your behalf.
  4. I hereby authorize UWC personnel to publish and release information pertaining to my application for the UWC Non-Traditional and First Generation Scholarship. Distribution will be limited to UWC personnel and donors of the UWC Non-Traditional and First Generation Scholarship.