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Scholarship Opportunities: These require additional details beyond what is provided in your student record. Therefore, you will need to read through the opportunity and determine whether you are eligible. If eligible, please answer the additional questions to apply. You may update and edit your application until the application deadline. If after reading a scholarship description, you know you don’t qualify, please don’t apply.

Other Scholarship Opportunities: You are being considered for many other opportunities, which do not require an additional application. You may be matched and selected based on your student record. Please complete the General Application to be considered.

Opportunity Amounts: The number and amount of scholarship awards shown are for general information purposes only, and should not be considered a guarantee of what you will receive if selected. Actual award amounts vary based on students’ individual eligibility factors and funds available.

Opportunity Eligibility: The description for individual scholarships must be met to qualify for consideration. If selected, you must remain qualified to disburse the scholarship to your account. If an enrollment requirement is not listed, the university standard is a minimum of 12 credit hours for undergraduate and 9 credit hours for most graduate programs. The administering college/department may use their own discretion should selected students not be enrolled full-time.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Myra Fox Skelton
The Casper-based Myra Fox Skelton Foundation funds a scholarship program...
Varies Social Work Scholarship Application (for select scholarships)
Only students with a minimum of 45 credits who are applying to the BSW...
Varies Osher Reentry Scholarship
Scholarship grants to nontraditional students, via an annual application...
Up to $3,600 per academic year Kickstart Wyoming's Tomorrow Scholarship
This application is for new UW Kickstart scholarship recipients...
Varies SPPAIS Field Research Award Application
The SPPAIS Field Research Award provides financial support of up to...
Varies SPPAIS Internship Award Application
The SPPAIS Internship Award provides financial support of up to $2500 to...
Varies SPPAIS Study Abroad Application
The SPPAIS Study Abroad Award provides financial support of up to $2500...
Varies Honors Study Abroad Application
This application is for travel during Academic Year 2024-2025 (Fall 24,...
Varies UW - Casper Veteran's Support Fund
The Fund will be used to foster excellence and provide financial support...
Varies UWC Emergency Scholarship Fund
For UWC enrolled students who need one time emergency funding for food,...
Varies Hat Club Western Thunder Marching Band
Funds will be used to provide resources for the Western Thunder Marching...
Varies Biodiversity and Conservation K-12 Excellence Fund
Fund shall be used to foster excellence and provide financial support to...
$0.00 Epoch Geoservices Non-Endowed Scholarship
The Fund will provide scholarships to undergraduate students enrolled in...
Varies Garry E. & Rose Mary Melvin Family Nursing Scholarship Fund
The fund shall be used to make scholarship grants to students enrolled...
$2,500.00 Tracy L. Ritchie Scholarship
Provide scholarships to students enrolled in or admitted to the...
$0.00 College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Fund
College of A&S Dean’s fund used to fund scholarships as needed.