UW at Casper Student Leadership Scholarship

Scholarship grants to students enrolled at the University of Wyoming/Casper College Center. To be eligible for this scholarship award an applicant must also: be a degree-seeking UW student enrolled through the UW/CC Center, which may include dual admission to Casper College and UW for the freshman and sophomore years at Casper College; be eligible for student financial aid through Casper College and the University of Wyoming, including financial need and grade point average (GPA); demonstrate promise of academic excellence with a GPA of at least 3.0; participate in a personal interview with a selection committee; agree to participate in a defined program of community service activity and leadership development during the period of the award; and, agree to participate in a year-end program to share publicly how receiving the award made a difference for academic success, community service, and leadership development.

UW Casper
Supplemental Questions
  1. What experiences, qualities, or skills do you possess that define you as a student leader within the UW-Casper, Casper College, and Casper community?
  2. What events, activities, clubs, or organizations do you plan to be involved within the upcoming academic year that demonstrate your commitment to continuous student leadership and engagement?