Daniels Boundless Opportunity Scholarship

NOTE: This opportunity is accepting applications for the Academic Year 2023-2024 (Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters).

Fund shall be used to provide need-based scholarships to one or more of the following categories of non-traditional undergraduate students: 1) adult learners age 25 or older, 2) military veterans of any age, or 3) female or ethnic minority students in UW’s ROTC program.

It is preferred that recipients be enrolled full-time and the average annual award is $2,000.

The Director of Student Educational Opportunity (SEO) will make award decisions.

Non-Traditional, Veteran Services, and Gender Programs
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently or will you be an active UW ROTC student?
  2. Which of your parents, if either, has completed a bachelor’s degree?
  3. What was your taxable Income that you reported to the IRS for the most recent tax season?
  4. What is the number claimed that you reported to the IRS for the most recent tax season, including yourself?
  5. Please attach a brief (one page or less) statement of application for the scholarship which includes the following information:
    • Your academic and career goals and evidence of academic promise
    • Evidence of leadership and contributions to community service or the community
    • Given your financial need, how you would benefit from the scholarship funds
    • The types of academic, personal, career, or other advising and support services you anticipate needing in order to pursue a college degree and how you would benefit from support services from the Boundless Opportunity Scholarship.
  6. How do you consider yourself a non-traditional student? (answer all questions)
    • 1. Are you 25+ years old?
    • 2. Are you a child of deceased parents?
    • 3. Are you a ward/dependent of the court?
    • 4. Are you a US Armed Forces Veteran?
    • 5. Are you married?
    • 6. Are you responsible for dependents?
    • 7. Are you working on a Masters or Doctoral degree?
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