Dr Paul E Hildreth Memorial Scholarship

Applicants must be of senior standing. Applicants must have and maintain a 3.0 grade point average or above. Applicants should be either pre-dental or pre-medical students in good standing.

Only if there are no candidates that meet the pre-dental/pre-medical criteria, a student enrolled in the College of Health Sciences may be selected.

College of Health Sciences Dean's Office, Preprofessional Health
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have a demonstrated interest in practicing medicine (allopathic [MD], osteopathic [DO], or podiatric [DPM])? Use your personal statement (below) to describe your interest in medicine.
  2. Please upload employment history, volunteer experience, scholastic honors & awards received, & extra-curricular activities (society memberships, clubs, offices held, etc.). Or attach your resume.
  3. Upload a personal statement of approximately one page indicating why you chose your particular profession, experience in the field, & future goals.
  4. Please attach an unofficial copy of your current transcript.