Eleanor Rowland Memorial Scholarship in Special Education

Applicants must be enrolled in the Special Education Program in the College of Education. Consideration shall first be given to graduate students who have met the criteria for admission to candidacy to the Special Education Program and who, additionally, show promise as special educators. If there are no eligible graduate students, said award(s) may be given to an undergraduate student(s) in Special Education, again demonstrating promise in the field.

College of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you in the College of Education Special Education Graduate program?
  2. Will all of your coursework be completed by the upcoming fall, leaving at most an a Plan A (Thesis) or Plan B remaining?
  3. Please upload a 1-2 page personal and professional reflection that summarizes
    • Your career goals
    • Commitment to special education
    • Background and experience
    • Intent for use of scholarship funds
    • Timeline for completion of your special education program
    • Your Financial Need