Nielson Excellence Fellowship in Energy Studies

All current University of Wyoming students engaged in related energy studies will be considered. Preference will be given to students with a declared major in the following programs.

• Energy Resource Management and Development
• Chemical Engineering
• Chemistry
• Energy Systems Engineering
• Geology and Geophysics
• Mechanical Engineering
• Petroleum Engineering
• Physics
• Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management

The purpose of these awards is to encourage and assist students considering or beginning an energy-related research project. Preference will be given to projects which are:
• Capable of completion in one summer
• Able to identify specific activities that will take place
• Able to identify tangible outcomes that documents successful completion of project. Examples include but are not limited to readings, reports, presentation to a department seminar or brown bag, etc.
Students may apply for the award multiple times but may only receive the award once during their degree program.
Awards: Varies up to $3,000 each
Eligibility and Requirements:
• Recipients must be enrolled full-time during the spring semester and enrolled for at least one credit hour during the summer semester in an academic major listed above or involved in an energy-related research project
• Previous recipients are not eligible
• Recipients are expected to work full-time during the summer on their projects
• Recipients agree to submit a report summarizing their results by September 10
• The faculty sponsor or mentor must submit a brief report
Applications will be accepted in Academic Works beginning in early to mid-November with a deadline of February 9, 2018. Awards will be announced by March 19, 2018. Application materials include the following.
1. Applicant’s resume
2. Double-spaced proposal, up to 4 pages in length, with the following information
a. Title of project
b. Description of project
c. Purpose, need and/or justification of project
d. How project relates to energy topics
e. Potential impacts and/or outcomes
f. Timeline and deliverables
3. Budget page (if the total cost of the project exceeds $3,000, specific information must be provided regarding the source of the balance)
4. Letter of support: Please provide contact information for a faculty sponsor reference letter to be requested.
5. Letter of support: Please provide contact information for an additional faculty reference letter to be requested.

School of Energy Resources