Horan Scholarship Application

This fund shall be used at the University of Wyoming to promote the success of students preparing for careers that involve the law. Examples of use include but are not limited: student scholarships, student travel funding, study abroad opportunities, expenses related to internships, funding special student activities such as attending academic conferences, and bringing to campus respected scholars of American jurisprudence. This endowment is for undergraduate students majoring in Political Science or another law-related discipline. This endowment is created by grateful alumni to honor the outstanding career that Professor Horan enjoyed as a faculty member at the University of Wyoming, and in appreciation of his deep and abiding impact as a teacher.

College of Arts and Sciences, School of Politics Public Affairs and International Studies (SPPAIS)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a one page statement identifying your academic and career goals related to American public law, and explaining how the Horan Scholarship will help you achieve these goals.
  2. Please povide the names of two UW faculty members who have agreed to be contacted as your references for the Horan Scholarship; at least one reference must be a member of the Political Science Department faculty:
    • UW faculty name and email: