UW at Casper Rocky Mountain Power Enhancement Grant Program

The Education Enhancement Grant is available to UWC students based upon:

  • Pursuit of a University of Wyoming degree approved for delivery through UWC;
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75; and
  • Enrollment in a minimum of UWC credits (Fall/Spring: Minimum of 3 Hours).

Recipients will be selected based on the quality of their application.

UW Casper
Supplemental Questions
  1. How would receiving the Rocky Mountain Power Enhancement Grant positively impact your academic and career goals?
  2. How do you plan to use this scholarship to enhance your academic experience while attending the University of Wyoming at Casper? Enhancement opportunities can include but are not limited to conferences, presenting at a conference, membership dues to professional associations or organizations, study abroad, etc.
  3. Please provide contact information for a college or university faculty member who can submit a letter of support on your behalf.
  4. I hereby authorize UWC Center personnel to publish and release information pertaining to my application for the Rocky Mountain Power Education Enhancement Grant. Distribution will be limited to the UWC Center personnel and donor representatives.