Dick and Lynne Cheney Study-Abroad Grants

NOTE: This opportunity is accepting applications for study abroad programs that will be in Summer 2024, Fall 2024 and Academic Year 24/25.

DO NOT complete this application if you are applying for a scholarship to participate in a FACULTY-DIRECTED study abroad program. Please complete the Dick and Lynne Cheney Study-Abroad Grants Faculty-Directed Programs application.

Funds shall be used to support expenses associated with study abroad (tuition, international and in-country transportation, room, board, health/safety insurance, books, materials, etc.) for University of Wyoming students who seek to enhance their education with study, work, or internships abroad.

Criteria of Eligibility:

1. UW student at time of application and study abroad
2. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
3. Completed coursework: 30 hours for undergraduates; 9 hours for graduates
4. Degree seeking during proposed study abroad period.

Recipients of scholarships shall be selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Education Abroad Office. Applicants may only accept one scholarship from the Education Abroad Office for the same program abroad.

Individual students are ineligible to receive more than two scholarships from the Education Abroad Office during the same career (undergraduate or graduate) at UW.

Education Abroad, Global Engagement Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. Study Abroad Location:
  2. When will you be abroad? Please list the semester(s), year(s), and duration.
  3. Cost of Program - common costs include airfare, housing, meals, tuition, books. Please be as detailed as possible including the need for the cost of ADA accommodations. No personal exenses should be included.
  4. Amount Requested?
  5. In order to pay for this time abroad, I have the following financial help. Click "Add Another Answer" to enter more than one award.
    • A. Type of financial help:
    • B. Name or description of the financial help:
    • C. Amount:
  6. Describe the intended program of research or study, including:
      For undergraduate applicants (and graduate students as applicable) - prospective courses, how those courses will fit into your studies at UW, and how those courses will impact your impact on your future profession or career goals. Are these courses you can take at UW? Are these courses unique to your major? Are they unique to this location? How will these courses contribute to your future sucess?

      For graduate student applicants – a brief abstract or executive summary of your research program, and why that research should be done specifically in the location you propose.
  7. Language and other academic preparation you have made in anticipation of your study abroad program, as appropriate for your study location.
  8. Describe your academic and professional goals and how they will be impacted by your time abroad, including:


      How will your study abroad connect with your studies at UW pre and post study abroad? What is your rationale for selecting this particular program? How might the teaching and learning differ from that on the UW campus? What do you hope to gain from studying abroad that will impact your future career or professional plans?


      How the research or study program you propose will put you in a position, upon your return to UW, to impact the future of your field of study. In this essay, please explain how your time at your specific location abroad will impact your ability to further your knowledge of your academic field, and how you will be able to further the frontiers of knowledge in your field by participating in this specific program.
  9. Consider your background and experiences. How will these shape your perceptions and interactions with the world?
  10. As as recipient of a Cheney Scholarship, there is a 'Give-Back' requirement to share with others on campus and in the community about your experience abroad and how the scholarship aided you. Equipped with your time and experiences abroad, what activities would you propose to fulfill this 'Give-Back' requirement to promote Education Abroad amongst your peers?
  11. Have you previously received a scholarship from the Education Abroad Office? If so, explain.
  12. Please provide the contact information for a faculty member familiar with your goals and plans abroad.
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