Social Work Scholarship Application (for select scholarships)

Only students with a minimum of 45 credits who are applying to the BSW program or the MSW program, and current social work majors (BSW/MSW) are eligible to apply.

You must be a Social Work student, and in most cases must have BS Pre Admit status.

This conditional application will be used for selection to the following opportunities:
Kay L. Cox Memorial Scholarship
Gordon S. and Charlotte Myers Social Work Scholarship
Lenore N. and Robert P. Palmer Social Work Scholarship
Paul Stock Foundation Health Sciences Social Work Scholarship
James Wiebler Memorial Scholarship
Anne Michelle & Robert Fayer Social Work Scholarship

Social Work
Supplemental Questions
  1. How do you consider yourself a non-traditional student? (answer all questions)
    • 1. Are you 25+ years old?
    • 2. Are you a child of deceased parents?
    • 3. Are you a ward/dependent of the court?
    • 4. Are you a US Armed Forces Veteran?
    • 5. Are you married?
    • 6. Are you responsible for dependents?
    • 7. Are you working on a Masters or Doctoral degree?
  2. Please briefly describe your past and present work community and/or professional experience, especially as it relates to your social work education.
  3. Please list any previous honors and scholarships.
  4. How will this scholarship address a financial need?
  5. How will you utilize this scholarship to support your social work education?