Dick and Lynne Cheney Study-Abroad Grants Faculty-Directed Programs

NOTE: Current cycle is for planned faculty-directed study abroad programs in January and Spring 2024.

Funds shall be used to support expenses associated with study abroad (tuition, international and in-country transportation, room, board, health/safety insurance, books, materials, etc.) for University of Wyoming students who seek to enhance their education with study, work, or internships abroad.

Criteria of Eligibility:

1. UW student at time of application and study abroad
2. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
3. Completed coursework: 30 hours for undergraduates; 9 hours for graduates
4. Degree seeking during proposed study abroad period.

Recipients of scholarships shall be selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Education Abroad Office. Applicants may only accept one scholarship from the Education Abroad Office for the same program abroad.

Individual students are ineligible to receive more than two scholarships from the Education Abroad Office during the same career (undergraduate or graduate) at UW.

Education Abroad, Global Engagement Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the name of the Faculty-Directed Program you will be participating in?
  2. When will you be abroad? Please list the semester(s) and year(s).
  3. State what you expect to gain from your proposed study abroad experience. You should address efforts which you have made to prepare for international study, including foreign language training, your financial contribution, and other preparations for this opportunity. Include information about previous travel, study, and work abroad, if any.
  4. List all financial aid and scholarships (with dollar values) which can be used to help with the costs of the proposed period of study (include the total amount). You will need to include: scholarships, fellowships, grants, loans, personal resources, your family’s contribution and any other sources you may have.
  5. How does this faculty-directed study abroad program fit with your long-term academic and professional goals?
  6. Have you previously received a scholarship from the Education Abroad Office? If so, explain.
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