Judith A Muhlberg Endowment for Study Abroad in Communication and Political Science

This fund shall be used to support students studying abroad while enrolled at the University of Wyoming, including travel funding, housing, tuition and other costs related to their education. Student recipients must be either Communication or Political Science majors. Recipients may be undergraduate or graduate students. Recipients shall be selected based exclusively on merit. The intent is to support a student studying abroad for one semester or longer. The fund may support one or more student recipients per year. If possible, there shall be one Communication student recipient and one Political Science student recipient each year, but distributions from the fund may be awarded to one outstanding recipient in any particular year. Upon completion of their study abroad experience, student recipients must submit at least a 5-page report outlining their study abroad experience. In the event that the Communication and/or Political Science majors are eliminated at some future time, distributions may be awarded to students studying abroad and enrolled in the College of Business and/or the College of Law.

Education Abroad, Global Engagement Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. Study Abroad Locale
  2. When will you be abroad? Please list the semester(s) and year(s).
  3. Cost of Program - common costs include airfare, housing, meals, tuition, books. Please be as detailed as possible. No personal expenses should be included.
  4. In order to pay for this time abroad, I have the following financial help. Click "Add Another Answer" to enter more than one award.
    • A. Type of financial help:
    • B. Name or description of the financial help:
    • C. Amount:
  5. Amount Requested?
  6. Describe the intended program of research or study, including:
      For undergraduate applicants (and graduate students as applicable) - prospective courses, how those courses will fit into your studies at UW, and how those courses will impact your impact on your future profession or career goals. Are these courses you can take at UW? Are these courses unique to your major? Are they unique to this location? How will these courses contribute to your future sucess?

      For graduate student applicants – a brief abstract or executive summary of your research program, and why that research should be done specifically in the location you propose.
  7. Describe your academic and professional goals and how they will be impacted by your time abroad, including: how the research or study program you propose will put you in a position, upon your return to UW, to impact the future of your field of study. In this essay, please explain how your time at your specific location abroad will impact your ability to further your knowledge of your academic field, and how you will be able to further the frontiers of knowledge in your field by participating in this specific program.
  8. Please provide the contact information for a faculty member familiar with your goals and plans abroad.
  9. What activities could you propose to do upon your return that will further the internationalization at UW?
  10. Attach an unofficial college transcript; PDFs and Word docs are recommended (for help, please visit http://www.uwyo.edu/registrar/degree_evaluations)
  11. Have you previously received a scholarship from the Education Abroad Office? If so, explain.
  12. Communication Majors must send a 1-page summary of the proposed study abroad to Cindy Price Schultz at cprice@uwyo.edu.
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