Charlotte Hearne Davis Scholarship

Scholarship grants to students who are members of the First Year Senate and enrolled at the University of Wyoming. The scholarship will be awarded in the Spring semester after GPAs have been verified.

The recipient shall be determined, in part, by the qualifications he/she provides in a written resume of campus and community involvement, awards, and employment. The recipient shall also be determined, in part, by a 750 word essay.

Associated Students of the University of Wyoming (ASUW)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently a member of the ASUW First-Year Senate?
  2. Please attach a resume of campus/community involvement, awards and employment pertinent to leadership.
  3. Please attach a 500 to 750 word essay adhering to the following prompt: Given the current social circumstances from the COVID-19 Pandemic, what would you change about First-Year Senate to make it more accessible to other First-Year Senators and the First-Year student body?