Dr Dolores S Cardona UW Minority Scholarship

For use by the Office of Multicultural Affairs for scholarships for currently enrolled UW minority students.

Multicultural Affairs
Supplemental Questions
  1. Mailing Address (Street, City, State, and Zip):
  2. Personal Email Address:
  3. American Ethnic Minority Background (check all that apply):
  4. If you selected American Indian/Alaska Native for your American Ethnic Minority Background, please provide the following information:
    • Enrolled Member:
    • Please provide proof of your Tribal Affiliation/descendancy:
    • Tribal Affiliation:
  5. If you selected Other for your American Ethnic Minority Background, please specify your ethnic background:
  6. Have either one of your parents completed a 4-year or bachelor’s degree?
  7. Please submit a 500 word essay that answers the following: As a continuing student at the University of Wyoming, how can receiving the UW Minority Scholarship help you in persisting to graduation?
  8. Please submit a list of leadership experience and participation in extra-curricular and community-related activities (especially past and current minority involvement),
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