Lillian G Portenier Psychology Scholarship

Scholarship grants to senior and graduate students enrolled in the Department of Psychology.
Applicants are not eligible to receive this award more than once per academic year (fall, spring, summer).

College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology
Supplemental Questions
  1. For Graduate students: what year are you in the UW program?
  2. Have you obtained your Master's degree?
  3. Type of support requested:
  4. Rationale for request(s).
  5. If funding is for travel to present research, please complete the following section:
    • A. Anticipated total travel expenses (travel, registration, hotel, food):
    • B. Authors:
    • C. Conference dates:
    • D. Conference location:
    • E. Conference title
    • F. Paper/poster title:
    • G. Submission status:
    • H. If submission status is 'Accepted' please attach acceptance letter:
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