Northern Arapaho Endowment Fund

Scholarship grants to students who are enrolled at the University of Wyoming. To be eligible for this scholarship award, an applicant/recipient must be in good standing at the University of Wyoming and must be able to provide proof of tribal enrollment in the Northern Arapaho Tribe.

The order of preference for making scholarship awards shall be as follows:

  • In-state Juniors or Seniors (first preference)
  • In-state Freshmen or Sophomores
  • Out-of-state Juniors or Seniors
  • Out-of-state Freshmen or Sophomores
  • In-state master degree students
  • In-state doctoral students
  • Out-of-state master degree students
  • Out-of-state doctoral students
  • Part-time students

The preference is for each scholarship award to cover the cost of attendance which shall include tuition and fees, room and board and books, less any other financial aid, grants, gift aid or scholarships that are received by the applicant/recipient. The minimum scholarship award amount is tuition and fees.

Awards for undergraduate students receiving this scholarship award will be limited to the first baccalaureate degree and no more than twelve (12) total semesters at the University of Wyoming. Awards for master’s students receiving this award will be limited to the first master’s degree and seven (7) total semesters at the University of Wyoming. Awards for doctoral students receiving this ward will be limited to the* first doctoral degree* and seven (7) semesters at the University of Wyoming. Under no circumstances will a recipient be entitled to receive this scholarship for more than one degree.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please explain why you selected your academic major, how you plan to use your education after graduation, and what benefit you think your efforts will be to the Northern Arapaho people.
  2. Please describe your community involvement with American Indians.
  3. Please upload a copy of your Certificate of Indian Blood from the Office of Vital Statistics:
  4. Tribe and Enrollment Number:
  5. Please acknowledge that you have submitted all requirements noted below: