Edelweiss Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

The fund wishes to first help non-traditional, preferably Wyoming resident female “first-generation” students, that is students coming from families that have not had members graduate from college. The recipient may be supported through the fund for up to 6 years or upon completion of her degree. Students attending classes at the UW Laramie campus, the UW-Casper campus, or via distance education may be considered. A recipient must show academic promise and maintain a grade point average at or above the required level to receive such degree. Students in need of emergency aid may request on an annual basis to determine if funding should continue for the coming year. In addition to these requirements, recipients shall be required to complete any additional requirements as determined by the University of Wyoming (i.e. thank you correspondence and communication with Donors, periodic reviews of academic performance, agreeing to participate in events to celebrate the Edelweiss Non-traditional Student Fund).

Scholarships and Financial Aid