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Glenn P. Roehrkasse started his career at the University of Wyoming in 1953 in the College of Agriculture and earned his Professorship in both Agricultural Economics and Statistics. He was responsible for setting up the Statistical Department with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources under Dean Hilston. One of this graduate students called him a “perfectionist, a great scholar, and a role model for many students who were better because they had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Roehrkasse.” He retired from the University after 33 years of service in the Ag College. Glenn received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy in 1951 and his Master’s Degree in Agriculture Economics in 1953, both from the University of Wyoming. In 1962, he received his PhD in Production Economics from Iowa State University. He was proud of his profession and his family was proud of him. His family wishes to honor him with a scholarship to help graduate students in his field of expertise.