UWC Enhancement Scholarship

Funds will be used to support student proposals for educational activities outside of class or program activities. Activities supported include extra expenses incurred in an activity above and beyond normal participation in regular classes, research projects, special courses that require travel, conference experiences, etc. Funds may not be used for tuition, fees, or textbooks.

Recipients will be selected by UW at Casper College.

UW at Casper
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a a written proposal describing activity to be supported, activity schedule, detailed budget and justification, expected results of project, venue for sharing results with reelvent audience.
  2. Please submit a letter of support from college or university faculty.
  3. I hereby authorize UWC Center personnel to publish and release information pertaining to my application for the Education Enhancement Grant. Distribution will be limited to the UWC Center personnel and donor representatives.