Graduate Student Travel Funding Request

This fund shall be used to support graduate students’ travel expenses to attend regional, national, and international conferences. In consideration of the limited funds available and UW’s desire to support as many students as feasible, we request that programs capable of fully funding student travel refrain from applying. Application must be submitted and complete prior to attending the conference.

Allocation policy:

  • The applicant must be making a presentation at a conference.
  • The applicant must be currently enrolled in a graduate program at UW at the time of the request and at the time of the presentation/exhibit.
  • The applicant’s mentor or department must be willing to contribute funding toward the graduate student’s travel.
    An applicant may receive only one award for one trip during his or her graduate career.
  • Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Graduate Education
Supplemental Questions
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  2. Please provide the name of the conference:
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  5. Please upload a copy of your presentation abstract:
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