Saunders-Walter Study Abroad Fund in Arts and Sciences

This fund shall be used to make study abroad awards to students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Wyoming. To be eligible for this award an applicant also must have at least sophomore status and be enrolled in an academic study abroad program or conducting a well-defined research project.

To apply for this award or A&S Study Abroad Scholarship, you must complete the application below.

Education Abroad, Global Engagement Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. Study Abroad Locale
  2. When will you be abroad? Please list the semester(s) and year(s).
  3. Cost of airfare: (Airfares are notoriously volatile. Please get 2-3 price estimates based on the dates you will depart and return using an airline or travel bureau website and upload copies with your application.)
  4. Tentative budget total
  5. In order to pay for this time abroad, I have the following financial help. Click "Add Another Answer" to enter more than one award.
    • A. Type of financial help:
    • B. Name or description of the financial help:
    • C. Amount:
  6. Please upload a letter addressed to the Study Abroad Scholarship Committee that explains what you expect to gain from your proposed study-abroad experience. The letter should discuss efforts you have made to prepare for international study, including your financial contribution, e.g. other scholarships received or applied for + amount, part-time work. Also include information about previous travel, study and work abroad, if any. In the same letter, describe the intended program of study, including location, sponsorship (if any), length of time, and prospective courses or research.
  7. Upload a printed description of the program you will be attending, if available. Students wanting to do independent research should outline their research plans in some detail and indicate a probable faculty mentor.
  8. Please include transcripts from all colleges or universities attended, pdf's or word docs are recommended (unofficial transcripts are acceptable):
    • Upload a copy of your transcript here and select “Add Another Answer” to add transcripts from additional colleges/universities.
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