SPPAIS Field Research Award

The SPPAIS Field Research Award provides financial support of up to $2500 for students who seek to undertake domestic or international field research as part of their academic research program. Uses may include, but not be limited to, funds for travel, living expenses and research supplies associated with the proposed field research. Eligible students include undergraduate and graduate International Studies and Political Science majors, as well as graduate MPA students.

Funds include:

  • Murdock Family Political Science Fund
  • International Studies Endowment
  • John Ellbogen International Studies and Research Excellence Fund
  • Louis Leichtweis Scholarship International Trust
  • Eurasia Research Fund
  • Milward L. Simpson Fund for Political Science

College of Arts and Sciences, School of Politics Public Affairs and International Studies (SPPAIS)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide the location(s) of your proposed field research.
  2. Please provide specific dates of your proposed field research.
  3. Total cost associated with your participation in the proposed field research (in US Dollars):
  4. Total amount being requested from the Awards Committee (in US Dollars):
  5. In two pages or less, please provide (in the form of an uploaded PDF or Word document) an overview of your proposed field research This overview should include the location(s) and timeframe of the proposed field research as well as which current or probable faculty research/thesis advisor you are working with on this project. In addition, please provide a detailed description of the research design and methodologies informing your project, including the specific qualitative or quantitative methods of data collection you are planning to employ (as well as any potential risks or ethical concerns associated with your proposed field research and where you currently are in the university’s IRB approval process). Where applicable, your overview should also speak to any previous research experience and/or efforts you have made to prepare for your proposed field research.
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