Vern Bressler Fisheries Fund

Scholarships to undergraduate students with senior or junior standing or graduate students who study the biology and management of aquatic habitats. First preference is for students studying coldwater fisheries.

Awards may also be considered for the following purposes:

  • To support University of Wyoming faculty, staff, and students for technical assistance and research designed to enhance or protect the State of Wyoming’s fishery and aquatic resources. Examples of such assistance may include, but are not limited to government agencies, landowners, outfitters, and nonprofit organizations in Wyoming.
  • Seminars or other outreach efforts by the University of Wyoming to educate professionals, students, and citizens about how to maintain and manage fisheries, stream habitat, or watersheds within the State of Wyoming.

College of Arts and Sciences, Zoology and Physiology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Vern Bressler was a businessman, fishing guide, avid angler, and environmental activist in Jackson, Wyoming. The Vern Bressler Scholarship commemorates his interest in the perpetuation of ecosystems that support wild trout in the Rocky Mountain West. The scholarship is awarded to junior or senior undergraduate students or graduate students who are studying fisheries biology or management, especially of coldwater fish.

    To apply, submit a single .pdf file that includes:

    (a) 2-page NSF GRFP-style research proposal that that clearly conveys the significance of the science and relevance to the goals of the fellowship, your approach to completing the project, and a budget section with an itemized list of proposed expenditures and justification.

    (b) 1-page CV that clearly lists name and contact information for your research advisor.

  2. If you are a graduate student, please briefly describe your current funding for tuition, stipend, and research. How might this change in the next year?

    If you are an undergraduate student, please briefly explain your current funding for tuition, room and board, and, if applicable, for research.