Paul Stock Foundation Arts and Sciences Travel Fund

This award is restricted to current full-time UW students in the College of Arts & Sciences for funding for travel to a conference or professional meeting to present the results of the student’s work. Due to the popularity of this award, and the limited funds in it, if you have previously received this award you are not eligible to apply.

You must also show at least a partial match in funding from your department in the form of a support letter from the department confirming this support.

College of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. Total Dollar Amount Requested.
  2. Please provide an itemized breakdown of your travel budget:
  3. Date funds are needed.
  4. Have you received any partial match in funding from your department, sponsor or other unit across campus? (You must show at least a partial match in funding from one of these entities, and your faculty support letter should confirm this match).
    • 1. From whom?
    • 2. Amount Awarded?
    • 3. Recieved?
  5. Have you received this grant-in-aid previously? (you may only receive this funding once)
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