General Communication Disorders Application

This application is for the following scholarships: B. Kahn Foundation for Speech Correction; Steve Elliott Scholarship in Communication Disorders; Paul Stock Foundation, Health Sciences Scholarship; Gordon S. and Charlotte Myers Health Sciences Scholarship; Maggie Scarlett Scholarship

Award recipients will be informed by the Division of Communication Disorders in the Spring.
Funds are deposited in UWYO student accounts for the next academic year.

Communication Disorders
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a non-traditional student (age > 25 yrs., ethnicity/race, military veteran, parent)
  2. Attach an unofficial college transcript; PDFs and Word docs are recommended (for help, please visit
  3. In 350 words or less describe why you are a strong candidate for a scholarship from the Division of Communication Disorders. You may want to reflect on (optional): work and experiences related to the discipline; humanitarian/volunteer efforts; contributions to faculty research laboratories; and/or other work or life experiences and responsibilities.

    In the last sentence of your response, state: "In five years I see myself working with _________________________" (state the population and setting). Briefly explain why you wish to work with this population and in this setting.