Center for Global Studies SER Nielson Graduate Fellowship for Excellence in the Study of International Energy and Sustainability of Natural Resources

The Nielson Graduate Excellence Fellowship will be awarded to one outstanding graduate student with a strong record of academic excellence completing a thesis or dissertation project focusing on internationally-oriented topics related to energy and sustainability of natural resources. Priority will be given to those who demonstrate an interdisciplinary and international breadth in his/her course of study which promotes development of the human resources and know-how required to solve critical energy and natural resource challenges faced by society. Candidates are considered based on the extent to which the candidate has demonstrated the commitment and potential to make a significant contribution to his or her field via the international research project that (s)he is completing. This graduate fellowship represents a partnership between the Center for Global Studies and the School of Energy Resources to promote interdisciplinary academic and research programs in a broad range of disciplines across UW.

Center for Global Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a one-page essay describing the research project underway, including a brief abstract or executive summary of your research project, and specific status of the project including anticipated date of completion.
  2. Please upload a one-page essay describing your academic and professional goals and how they will be impacted by your research project, including how the thesis/dissertation research has put you in a position to impact the future of your field of study. In this essay, please explain how your research project has positioned you to further your knowledge of your academic field and how it addresses a critical energy/sustainability of natural resources challenge faced by society.
  3. Attach an unofficial college transcript; PDFs and Word docs are recommended (for help, please visit
  4. Please list a proposed set of activities that will be pursued to help disseminate your research results to the UW community, the state of Wyoming, or your professional field of study.
  5. Please provide the name and e-mail address of your academic advisor or a faculty member familiar with the specifics of your research project and they will be contacted to write a recommendation letter on your behalf. This letter should address specifically your ability to finish this project in the proposed semester of funding. It should not be a generic letter written for general recommendation purposes.
  6. A one-page report is due to the Center for Global Studies at the end of the semester in which the award is given. All grant recipients will be asked to engage in public programming which explains the internship/research results to the UW community, the state of Wyoming, or within your professional field of study. Do you agree to complete this requirement at the end of any semester when you receive funding from this award?
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