John and Dara Corkery Synergy

Distributions from the fund shall be used to support a writing lab for the Synergy Program at the University of Wyoming. Distributions may also be used to award scholarships to students enrolled in the Synergy Program, or to students who have completed the Synergy Program. Distributions may also support other activities of the Synergy Program, including new programming, at the discretion of the Synergy Program Director. Such new programming may include funding a summer transition opportunity for students entering the Synergy Program, allowing new students to stay on campus for 1-2 weeks before the fall semester begins, while taking classes to help enhance their transition to UW.

If the Synergy Program is eliminated at some future time or if the name of the program is changed, distributions shall continue to support programs for students who are admitted to UW below standard admission guidelines. At his/her discretion, the Synergy Program Director may award all of the distributions from the fund to one or more purposes described in the criteria.