Andrikopoulos Family Scholarship

This fund will be for distributions from the Andrikopoulos Family Scholarship endowment at LCCC. Applicants must be enrolled as a part-time or full-time student at the University of Wyoming. Preference should be given to students transferring from LCCC. Preference should also be given to students who are working one or more jobs while attending classes; to students who are faced with the burden of caring for an elderly parent or disabled child; to students who have a difficult time attending college due to obligations associated with raising children; to students who have lacked the financial means to attend college; and to students who have failed on one or more occasions to succeed at college provided the student shows and demonstrates a current desire to succeed. Students are encouraged to reapply for the Andrikopoulos Family Scholarship for subsequent years.

This is a Fall and Spring award only, all travel must be completed prior to end of Spring semester.

College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have your received this award in the past?
    • Have your received this award in the past?
    • If yes, where were you attending when you received this award?
  2. What is your current marital status :
  3. Do you currently care for a:
  4. Have you previously attempted college but were unable to continue?
  5. Upload a short essay (one page, single spaced) explaining obstacles you have encountered while trying to obtain your education. Additionally, give a brief statement concerning your current family circumstances.
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