Jade Walsh Fellowship for Russian and International Studies

This fund shall be used to support students studying abroad in Russia while enrolled at UW, including travel, housing, tuition, and other costs related to their education. The fellowship is open to any graduate or undergraduate student who intends to pursue research related to the Russian language and/or Russian cultural studies; however, preference will be given to students with a background in Russian language, literature, and/or culture. If no student meets the preceding parameters, or if students are not able to travel to Russia for any reason, distributions from the fund may support students pursuing cultural studies abroad in any continental European country. Preference shall be given to students completing at least a full semester of study abroad. Awards amounts shall be based on the program of study and duration of stay abroad. More than one award may be given annually. Undergraduate and graduate applicants should describe a clear relationship between their planned international experience and course of study to their possible career and/or further educational goals. Furthermore, upon returning from the study abroad/research activity for which they have received this fellowship, each student shall submit a report detailing how the experience fits within their course of study and future plans.

Education Abroad, Global Engagement Office