Great Futures Gold Standard Scholarship Award

A competitive scholarship for up to three Wyoming Boys & Girls Club members to receive tuition, mandatory, and advising fees at the University of Wyoming based on academic merit and financial need as demonstrated by FAFSA. A student must meet minimum admissions requirements, apply and be accepted for admissions by priority deadline.

Candidates must be Wyoming residents who intend to enroll full-time at UW and meet one of the following criteria:
• Current Wyoming high school senior OR
• Wyoming community college transfer with an Associates Degree by August 1

Candidates must have a minimum of two years or more involvement with their local Boys & Girls Club. The UW Scholarship Committee will contact the Boys & Girls Club chief executive officer to verify involvement.

The combination of the Great Futures Gold Standard Scholarship Award (GFGS), federal financial aid plus other scholarships (including inside or outside of UW) cannot exceed the cost of attendance for the academic year as determined by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

• Any available Hathaway Scholarship Award will be applied to educational costs as part of the GFGS Award
• In the event the additional scholarships and the GFGS Award exceed the cost of attendance, the GFGS Award will be adjusted
• Receipt of this award is contingent upon successful completion of senior year of high school and in compliance with UW admission and enrollment policies
• To finalize the acceptance of this offer, recipients must complete the UW enrollment confirmation process no later than May 1

The award is available for up to eight consecutive terms (summer terms are not included) for a total of four years. Recipients must stay continuously enrolled and successfully complete 12 undergraduate credit hours each semester to maintain the scholarship. Recipients must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative UW GPA (reviewed after each spring term).

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide two examples of your academic success, including advanced courses taken, extracurricular activities and awards.
  2. Provide two examples of your service, including community service projects, service learning projects, volunteerism and activism.
  3. Respond to ONE of the following questions with as much thought and clarity as possible. Essays are to be no more than 1000 characters and will be judged based on content, writing style, clarity and grammar. You are encouraged to work with staff members at your Club to develop well-written, compelling essay.
    • What characteristics do you have that will help you succeed in college?
    • Share an experience that has inspired you to go to college.
  4. Provide the name and contact information for a teacher or school administrator, to complete a reference on your academic excellence.
  5. Provide the name and contact information for a Boys & Girls Club Professional, to complete a reference on your leadership, character, and service.
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