Cliff Sundin Scholarship

The Sundin Scholarship Committee will nominate scholarship applicants for first-time awards whom the Scholarship Committee determines to be “deserving and needy students” as follows:

  • Any potential University of Wyoming student shall be eligible for a Sundin Scholarship who:
  • Has been admitted to the University of Wyoming and is a graduate of Rawlins High School or maintains a Rawlins residence.
  • Is not a recipient of a University of Wyoming Trustee Scholarship.
  • Has maintained a 2.0 grade point average on a4.0 grade point average scale for seven (7) consecutive semesters of high school work.
  • Students identified as having unmet need through the submission of a current FAFSA will be given preference in available scholarship awards. However, while students meeting FAFSA will be given preference, the fact a student does not qualify under FAFSA does not mean the student cannot receive Sundin Scholarship funds if adequate funds are available.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Department