GW Anderson Landman Fellowship

This fund shall be given to applicants who are enrolled in the University of Wyoming Energy Resource Management and Development Degree Program, Professional Land Management Concentration, and who aspire to be a professional landman upon graduation. Applicants shall be evaluated on the basis of merit including, but not limited to the following factors: scholastic achievement, extracurricular involvement, employment experience, and other intangibles that reflect upon applicants’ pursuit of becoming a professional landman. It is anticipated that the G.W. Anderson Landman Fellowship holders will be preferred candidates for an internship and/or employment opportunity in a professional landman capacity at an exploration and production company, with preference given to identified partners, BP Lower 48.

School of Energy Resources
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please give the name of your internship employer.
  2. Describe your expectations prior to starting the internship.
  3. What was your interaction with the employer and others?
  4. What were your responsibilities and specific learning experiences?
  5. Did the internship meet or exceed your expectations?
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