Lange Foundation MBA Graduate Assistant - Alumni Career Services Fund

$22,500 Award for three semesters
Three semester award is as follows:
$7,500 for GA Tuition Spring 2017
$7,500 for GA Tuition Fall 2017
$7,500 for GA Tuition Spring 2018
Recipient must be willing to make a commitment to the full three semester award time frame.

The funds shall be used to establish and support University of Wyoming Alumni Association Graduate Assistantship (s). Only enrolled or admitted MBA students at the University of Wyoming are eligible to receive the Graduate Assistantship. Recipient (s) of Graduate Assistantship shall be selected by Assistant Dean, MBA Program in consultation with the Executive Director of the University of Wyoming Alumni Association. It is intended that the gift be used to support his initiative for approximately two years. If there are not suitable or eligible recipients or a portion of the gifted funds remain unused after the two year period, funds may accumulate for future use.

Alumni Association, College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide your contact phone number:
  2. Extra-Curricular/Employment History/Community Service
  3. Please provide a brief statement as to how this scholarship would affect your future goals, career interests or any other information you consider pertinent to this application.
  4. Please provide the contact information of a reference from your community:
  5. Please also attach an unofficial copy of your current transcript:
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